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Voyage Argentine

Horses and gauchos

- Traditions of the Argentine country


Horses Argentina

CRIOLLO HORSE - The tough one from the Pampa
The criollo horse, descendant of the conquerors’ horses, became the gaucho’s faithful companion.

Polo and Falabella horses

POLO AND FALABELLA HORSES - An athlete and a companion animal
Years of selection in the estancias gave birth to these Argentine horses.


THE GAUCHO MYTH - The gaucho history was written in the infinite plains
Solitary and brave, the gaucho first hunted wild cattle before joining estancias.                                                                                      

Festivities and traditions

- The culture of the gauchos

The majority of the games played by the gauchos emphasize the talent of the horsemen.                                           

Martín Fierro

An hymn to independence, freedom and gaucho braveness.                                                                                      

Ponchos in Argentina

PONCHOS - Each region has its own colors
From an aboriginal origin, this piece of clothing has become an essential accessory for the gaucho.                                                                                     

Gaucho art shops

GAUCHO, POLO AND SILVERSMITH'S ART SHOPS - The best places in Buenos Aires
Our selection to find traditional and quality argentine handcraft.

Map handcraft Map Handcraft "Mates" in Argentina

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